Thursday, 27 February 2014

                                                Crackling Candles

Crackling candles are these interesting little creations. Most are usually of the scented variety. The wooden wick in the centre gives off a pleasantly earthy smell as well as adding to the centre piece and it's name sake. The wick itself crackles the sound is pleasant and not at all overbearing. 
       The candles themselves come in a variety of scents; vanilla, lavender and berry are some of the most popular but the recently released multi scented candles are becoming a quick contender. Which brings us to the particular candle of today's review.

The Hersheys Smore crackling candle was a pleasant addition to the candle family. It has a pleasant scent and it's three tiered flavour effects blend nicely with one another. It's one con would be that it doesn't smell all that much like the chocolate that shares it's name. The smell is warm and musty with a definite cocoa undertone but when compared to the Hersheys chocolate.

To summarise the candle is a pleasant addition to anyone's home but it's title is a tad misleading and artificially bumps up it's price. You could just as easily settle for a nice vanilla and cocoa combi set. But if you have the money to spare I would say it's well worth a go at least.

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