Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Get it? because it's a candle. No? just me then.

I'll admit this right now. I'm a bit of a Star Wars buff. Got all their films even got little model figurines of the main cast. So what a pleasant surprise it was to find this little beauty. Admittedly this is more a review about a candle holder than a candle but my inner nerd got the better of me.

The candle holders come in a variety of different shapes. From Sith lords to Jedi knights you can have your own little jedi battle right on your dinner table. Just make sure they aren't lit first. We don't want to be starting any fires. With the addition of coloured candles you can replicate your favourite characters with just a quick change of a candle. These little gems are a great addition to any house hold. They're classy, streamlined and just pleasant to look at really. Coloured candles are cheap to buy so it really is an affordable investment.

The downside really is that it only comes in one size, whilst it stays true to the cannon I must admit I'm a fan of my chunky candles. I like to mix and match my sizes on the dinner table and the light sabers really only allow for the one type and they don't work well with other none Jedi accents. 

Still I bought five of these myself and now have my own bright little Jedi army whenever friends come over. 

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