Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Holy floating Candles Batman!

I was out the other day and Found a rather interesting little candle set. It arrived Yesterday and now sits in Our bathroom. The three candles come in the glass containers complete with ornate flowers, afterwards you simply fill Up the container With water and away you go, I personally find the whole idea of floating candles quite beautiful. As I Sit here writing this I brought them down and can't Help losing my focus as I watch The candles float atop the waters surface, Oh well so much for concentration.

I haven't tried the idea yet but it wouldn't be to far-fetched to substitute the candles supplied with the set for Another custom one If you wanted to mix and match the colours for Different effects. I Especially like the thought of mixing the colours to create more Unusual designs. So while I sit in the bath Reminiscing about the good old days.

Each time I go out in search of candles or interesting finds to write A blog about it always gets me excited. I mean how often Do You get to search the vast catacombs of forgotten markets and charity shops in search of fancy new candles and other charming items. You never realise just how Overwhelmingly vast the creative minds of our species is. Up until just over 200 years ago man kind didn't even have electricity it's Remarkable to think how far we've come in Such a small amount of time.

Ah but look at me prattling on about the Endeavours of the human race on a Light hearted candle blog. Perhaps I should start another more Fitting to my random philosophical moments and Save you all the ear ache when all you're here for are the candles right?

If your interested in the floating candles please do leave a comment and I'll perhaps share some more information.  

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