Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Food for Thought

On my travels across the almost infinite cosmos that is the internet I always keep an eye out for strange and unexpected buys and recently came across this lovely little beauty! Now I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a bit of a foodie, so when this little gem caught my eye how could I refuse. 

When it came to me I was pleasantly surprised with the detail in the candle right up to the wick the sweetcorn retains it's shape. The candle holder is well designed and has been lovingly crafted with a subtle green finish giving a gorgeous sheen when the light hits it. This has found a firm home on my dinner table since I got it I especially love how the wax almost mimics that of butter melting down it's side to give such an authentic feel to the piece. Absolutely outstanding craftsmanship if I do say so myself. 

So with that I leave you with an image of a small sample of my candle collection for you fine folk to enjoy!. 



  1. I'm a bit more traditional in my taste in candles, but I'll admit, that's amazing. Does it havmtbhfsnmjqu

    1. Sorrysorry! Little kid on my lap. >.< Does it have a butter scent as well?

    2. Oh if onlBlfy it did! that wouszevld be so plea yvvmsant wouldn't it? I mean The smell of butter is woefivxltmravwully delightful as it is dvbut to have thdrooat in a candyvle! And do nrmot fret we all know the pain of children on laglfxs.ps all to well!