Thursday, 10 April 2014

For the Glory of Candles

Well it HAS been a while hasn't it? I bet you're all wondering where that old candle guy ran off to after his last riveting blog. Am I right??? no? ok. Well let me tell you anyway! After a rather stressful time at the office me and the Mrs decided to take a holiday, our first one without the kid (well she's not really a child any-more but you wouldn't think it the way she behaves sometimes). So we went to spain, lovely holiday it was. lots of sand lots of sun and lots on exotic cocktails. The wife was especially keen on those let me tell you. All In all it was a fun few weeks. 

But I digress this is after all and candles blog so it just wouldn't do to not give you what you came here to see. Whilst we were on holiday me and the Mrs went to visit the beautiful caves of Drach. Aside from being pleasantly cool in the caves which is always a bonus,half way through the tour we are seated on a outcrop as three marvellous boats glide down along the underground lake followed by hundreds of tea lights. The way they just lit up the cave was breath taking I tell you. It's easy to forget the strength of a good candle when you only have one or two but 10? 50? 100? the strength and warmth they give off all working together to shine brightly in the darkness of that cave. I don't think I'll ever forget it. 

So in short; never underestimate the power of a good tea light!


  1. Have you ever put a tea light inside a colored vase? As long as the mouth's open enough, the smoke doesn't build up, and you get this beautiful glow. :D

  2. It is a marvellous thing isn't it? I've done that a few times out in the garden during the summer. They make great makeshift garden lights of an evening.